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Another exceptional experience!

Cheryl Lavender once quoted, “The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.” It has been true with all the children we’ve met throughout the years and today was the real testimony of her words.

Not your usual concerts found in concert venues but today’s concert by the student musicians of Beautiful Mind Charity ( was another one that touches the hearts. The music were, by all standards, not the best you get in a concert setting. However, each of the music that was played were the most beautiful and properly delivered. They were played by the most beautiful children. You see, the student musicians were all either vision impaired, with Down Syndrome, or autistic (I found out later). They were guided and taught by teachers and their family members with unconditional love and care. The student musicians all played from their heart and the incredible smiles that come after finishing a performance were the most amazing ones.

Are each and everyone of us able to see beyond the "disabilities" (please no judgement on me with political correctness) that are up against these children in their growth and see the truly beautiful side of them? Are all our children learning some kind of music or musical instrument in a privileged environment giving themselves as much effort and love of music as these "handicapped" children? Are we in this affluent society able to give an extended helping hand to these children, and their wonderful teachers and family members, to encourage them forward?

I once learned, a truly mature and noteworthy society is rated by how fair the majority treats the minorities. Next time you see a member of our society that is less privileged than you are, in any ways or shapes, I urge you to please extend a helping hand, so they know someone cares. It will sure warm their heart as well as yours.

*All photos and videos by author unless indicated with sources/credits. Copyrights reserved.

*Disclaimer: This blog was prepared or accomplished by Richard Y. Chen in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of Licha Stelaus Productions.


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