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Brahms Academic Festival Overture

The Academic Festival Overture was composed by Brahms as a lighthearted expression of gratitude for receiving an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Breslau in 1879. The accolade, adorned with a grandiose Latin description lauding Brahms as Germany's foremost composer of serious music. It was accepted with a humorous postcard expressing his intention to enjoy "doctoral beer and skittles" with the university.


However, Brahms learned that the university expected a musical composition in return. In 1880, he composed the overture, creating a straightforward, tongue-in-cheek medley of student songs celebrating drinking and merriment. Brahms conducted the premiere in Breslau in January 1881, with the university faculty in attendance. 


Contrary to their expectations of a grand symphony or intricate choral piece, they were underwhelmed by the playful and spirited nature of the overture. The degree of Brahms's irony in the composition remains enigmatic —whether he intended to lightly mock the academics or simply sought enjoyment in composing a piece obligated by the honorary degree.

Text by: Deyun Lin/Licha Stelaus Productions

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