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University of Hawai'i - Next Steps to Your Future

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

On the News!

Our sponsor, Chenter Foundation, is proud to be one of the first scholarship funding partners for this very important education project to promote Hawaii public high school graduates’ college attendance.

Participants can attend free summer classes at University of Hawaii community colleges, benefit from personal advisors, and explore their career options. They will also be eligible for scholarships to attend University of Hawaii campuses in Fall 2021.

Details of this program can be found at or simply text “nextsteps” to (808) 437-2719 by May 30, 2021.

We believe health, education, and music are not privileges, but are basic rights of everyone.

We believe widespread proper education is a critical element for a stable society.

*While Chenter Foundation participates in financial grants to this project, determination of eligibility are solely by University of Hawai’i

Photos and Videos: University of Hawai'i Foundation


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