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An amazing movie...Coco

Licha Stelaus Production is not about movies but about music and art. This movie, Coco, is about music and art, plus a beautiful and touching story. It’s been a while since a movie touched me deeply and moved me to tears (getting difficult as I age...). That big lump in your throat feeling. Yes, there were other movies that were very entertaining and fun. None of them close to what this movie can do. The story was beautiful but more so the colours and music that are absolutely breath-taking. And that kid Anthony Gonzalez’s singing voice was deeply touching and deserve huge praises. Bravo Anthony! If you haven’t watched it do buy a ticket and go. Bring your family and friends. Get the original soundtrack as well. All well worth the time and money.

Poster from internet. *All photos and videos by author unless indicated with sources/credits. Copyrights reserved.

*Disclaimer: This blog was prepared or accomplished by Richard Y. Chen in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of Licha Stelaus Productions.


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