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Last night's performance by Norway's Håkon Kornstad was fun, impromptu, innovative, and lots of musical adventures. He is a rebel! Håkon's playfulness and musical talent captured the hearts and imagination of the full house audiences at the Blu Jaz Cafe. He used his saxophone mainly and created an ensemble that is unprecedented because he would add his beautiful operatic tenor voice to the cocktail of sounds. Not very often one will come across this fine combination of sounds and voices. His story of how he became the "oldest" student of the Royal Oslo Opera Academy at the age of 32 was very funny.

Håkon also played around and experimented with different combination of instruments, putting clarinet mouth piece on a flute, played saxophone with out the mouth piece, and used karimba in the ensemble, and the sound was great. It was a very fun night of great musical journey and experiments.

Last night's video and photos:

Here's Youtube link to his funny story and a performance of what we got last night. Be jealous...

Here's his website:

His FB: hakonkornstad

Check him out and listen to his other Youtube videos.

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