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Musical pleasures 🎶

Today I had the pleasure of listening to the Singapore Soul Children’s Choir sing at Norwegian Seamen’s Mission at Pasir Panjang. It is no doubt music can make beautiful children (Cheryl Lavender) as the faces of these young singers were filled with joy and pride. This is an awesome organisation started in Oslo in 2001, inspired by Walter Whitman’s Soul Children of Chicago Choir. Check them out:

On Friday 17 November my daughter and I were back at the Esplanade Concert Hall for another of SSO’s performance of Brahms Schicksalslied, Singapore Premiere of Gesang der Parzen and Symphony No 2. Also World Premiere of Tengku Irfan’s Meditation, for orchestra. Brahms’s choral pieces were so beautifully balance it is very calming to the heart. There are several recordings on YouTube and Spotify. Check them out! You’ll love them.

The grand brass finale of Symphony No 2 was so uplifting it is incredible. My daughter was so excited as she is a trumpet player, and the only girl in the trumpet section of her school band, I’m proud to say. We had that father/daughter fist bump moments and it was priceless 👊🏽. Thank you SSO!

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