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Lots of great music this week!

Yesterday’s SSO (Singapore Symphony Orchestra) performance of Beethoven’s Triple Concerto and Copland’s Symphony No. 3 was another feast to the ears and eyes. The Beethoven Concerto’s dialogue between violin, cello, piano, and the orchestra was most beautifully done by the three Maestors (Igor Yuzefovich on violin, Ng Pei-Siam on cello, Andrew Litton on piano and conducting) and SSO. We were also treated with a special performance of Lullaby for Sophie (composed by Stephanie Ann Boyd) to celebrate the birth of Maestro Yuzefovich’s daughter Sophie. A modern and beautiful lullaby for piano, violin, and cello. Miss Sophie was said to have approved the lullaby by sleeping through the rehearsal 😁 As a special privilege, last night’s Copland was the Singapore premiere of the restored version where in 2015 B&H put back the final 12 bars left out by Leonard Bernstein in 1947. It was such a grand finish that I felt the concert hall shaking with delight! Tonight we continue this week’s music journey with an outstanding performance by the creative Bernhoft from Norway at Esplanade Annexe Studio. He drove the 200+ audiences to their feet dancing and singing along. Witty and funny with great songs, it was another witness to Norway’s music strength.

*All photos and videos by author unless indicated with sources/credits. Copyrights reserved.

*Disclaimer: This blog was prepared or accomplished by Richard Y. Chen in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of Licha Stelaus Productions.


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