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(Lyon, France)

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Videos and Photos

*All videos and photos owned by Licha Stelaus or respective artist and used with permission from the artist

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Maîtrise Saint-Marc - Les Choristes (MSM, previously named Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc) was established in 1986 by Maestro Nicolas Porte and consists of 75 boys and girls ages 8-14. Even though a relatively young choir, it has garnered an array of achievements in its Portfolio of Excellent.


*Logo used with permission from the artist

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Maîtrise Saint-Marc - Les Choristes is also the Cultural Ambassador of Lyon, performing for dignitaries and VIPs and tours around the world mesmerising audiences with their calming and most angelic voices.

The choir belongs to the French Federation of Little Singers, itself a part of the Fédération internationale des Pueri Cantores. The choir's repertoire varies widely from spiritual hymns to classical and contemporary music.


In 2004, after beating 50 other choirs, MSM was chosen to record all the songs of movie Les Choristes as well as casting the lead singer for the movie.

Les Choristes was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 77th Academy award in 2005 and the theme song, Vois sur ton chemin, was nominated for Best Original Song (video link below).

MSM tour around the world regularly and is a favourite in Europe and Asia.  We brought this fabulous choir to two concerts in Singapore Victoria Concert Hall in November 2018.  The concert videos can now be viewed on our Youtube channel.

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*Disclaimer: We are MSM's supporter and presenter of some of their past and future performances.  We are neither their agent nor manager.  If you would like to engage this great chorus in your events we are happy to make the connection.  Please email us through CONTACT form.  Thank you. - Licha Stelaus Productions.
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