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Who We Are and What We Do

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Under the umbrella of the Chenter Foundation, we endeavour to create the most unique experiences for our fans and nurture future generations of talented performing artist for the world.

Licha Stelaus seeks to represent truly remarkable young talented musicians and performing artists. We make sure the artists are well taken care of and their performances are delivered properly and correctly.  We especially incorporate the element of cultural immersion into our artists’ touring schedules to create dialogue and opportunities for cultural exchange.

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What sets Licha Stelaus apart from other artiste management companies is our dedication in ensuring that our artistes are looked after at every step of the way from the start to the end of their tour.

We believe remarkable music can touch people’s hearts.  Exceptional performances are the key to breaking down barriers and connecting strangers through a shared emotional experience, regardless of their differences.

"All our concerts around the world are Inclusive events. As we welcome you to our performances, we also welcome friends who require additional help. Please assist us in welcoming those with special needs and spread Empathy and Compassion through music and performing arts. Thank you."

- Michelle and Richard Chen, Licha Stelaus Production Founders

Our Reach


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Licha Stelaus Productions is working with artists and organizations around the globe to bring quality concerts to everyone.

Driven by Passion

Licha Stelaus Productions has a dedicated team of passionate individuals supported by external talents.  Each our team members bring with them a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds and tap on each other’s unique skillsets to create wonderful performances for our desired audiences.  Collectively we are made up of experienced singers, musicians, promoters and business people who share the love of music and performing arts. 


Nidaros Cathedral Men and Boys Choir at Esplanade Concert Hall 20 October 2017

We have managed and toured choirs, orchestras, soloists, and dancers around Asia and Europe and are working to add the Americas and Oceania regions to our growing portfolio of host cities.   

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Chenter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation registered in the United States.

By donating directly to the Foundation, tax residents from the United States may enjoy tax breaks and relief even if grants and support are made throughout the world. In all instances, the Chenter Foundation’s board of directors has final discretion in determining which organisations, whether US-based or foreign, will receive grants and support.  No contributions may be earmarked for a specific organization.

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