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You're Perfect As You Are

Winner of the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) Best Children's Song 2022, this inspiring song was created for schools and children as part of an initiative to encourage personal reflection, group work, and community contribution. The song tackles “Tall Poppy Syndrome”, a fear that standing out puts you “at risk of being criticised and pulled down by those around you”, and encourages children to be true to themselves and value themselves.

Read more on the initiative here:

Your childhood plays a big role in shaping who you are (that's part of why we do what we do!) so we love to see music like this that supports children and helps them live their best life.

Text by: Ambrose Cheung/Licha Stelaus Productions

We believe Music is not a privilege but everyone's basic right. Check out our foundation website and see what we are doing to benefit youth.

Disclaimer: We are fans of great sound and music. We are neither the agent nor presenter of the musicians featured on this post. We do not own the photos and videos in this blog - Licha Stelaus Productions


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