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Voices of Ireland - Celtic Thunder

One of our most favourite singing groups is Celtic Thunder, the male voices group that has mesmerised Europe and the Americas. Following many of the traditions of Celtic songs and tunes, this group sings and performs very well, and often quite funny. Do give them a try and follow them on their social medias. They are good. Obviously the global pandemic has also affected their performances. So the best way to support them, and all musicians, is to buy and listen to their music on the various platforms. When their tour starts again in October 2021, make sure you go and hear them live (yes it's a long way off but put into your schedule and have something wonderful to look forward to). Their beautiful harmonies are simply wonderful and will sure give you the chills. Here's their next tour schedule and hope it will happen as planned.

One of the musicians we featured in chit'chat is Daniel Furlong who also toured with Celtic Thunder before his voice changed.

Here's their website link and Youtube channel.

Below is a beautiful song, A Bird Without Wing, sung by, Damian McGinty (yes he was the star in Glee), and the late George Donaldson.

And a great song by the group

Text from: Richard Chen

Disclaimer: We are Celtic Thunder's fans and like their music. We are not their agent nor presenter. If you would like to engage them in your events we are happy to make the connection.  Please email us through our CONTACT form. Or simply contact Celtic Thunder through info on their channels. We do not own the photos and videos in this blog. - Licha Stelaus Productions

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