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Rhythm of Africa Concerts Postponed


Due to the escalating situation and uncertainties surrounding the novel cononavirus, in the interest of the safety and health of our choir members, musicians, and staffs, we have decided to postpone the Drakensberg Boys Choir Asia Tour 2020 to Taiwan and Singapore. We apologise having to make this decision. We ask all our LSP Members and fans for your patience understanding. We are following the situation very closely and will announce our next course of action as soon as possible.  We also remind you to take strict precautions in all fronts in protecting yourself and your love ones. We would like to thank all the medical personnels and researcher in their effort to bring us knowledge and cure to this virus. Do stay safe and we sincerely hope the situation is resolved soon. 

由於新型冠狀病毒的傳染情況惡化與不確定因素,為了我們的合唱團團員、音樂家和工作人員的安全與健康,我們決定延後舉辦2020年德肯斯堡男童合唱團亞洲巡迴至台灣及新加坡的演出。對於這個決定我們深表歉意。我們希望所有承德愛樂會員和粉絲能耐心等待並理解。我們會密切關注局勢,並將盡快宣布下一步計畫。我們也提醒您在各方面採取嚴格的防疫措施,以保護自己和親人。 我們要感謝所有醫務人員和研究人員為我們提供更多知識並努力朝治癒該病毒的方向努力。請務必保持安全,我們衷心希望這一波疫情能盡快緩解。

For more information please visit the following sites 請到下列網站取得更多資訊:


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