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Masaka Kids Africana

The above clip was shared by Masaka Kids Africana, showing the children dancing enthusiastically to the song. Their charming expressions and infectious energy will put smiles to faces as they spread joy with their performance.

Masaka Kids Africana is an NGO in Uganda. According to their website, there are over 2.4 million orphans in Uganda . Masaka Kids Africana provide safe shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care for the children. By expressing themselves with dance and song, these children connect to each other and the world.

Masaka Kids Africana website:

Text by: Deyun Lin/Licha Stelaus Productions

We believe Music is not a privilege but everyone's basic right. Check out our foundation website and see what we are doing to benefit youth.

Disclaimer: We are fans of great sound and music. We are not agent nor presenter of musicians featured on this post. We do not own the photos and videos in this blog - Licha Stelaus Productions


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