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Living the Classical Life

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Web series Living the Classical Life is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing back into classical music the human dimension lost in an ever more commercialized and dehumanized music business.

Here's an episode about Alena Baeva

Living the Classical Life is an ongoing series of conversational portraits hosted by pianist Zsolt Bognár. Its goal is to educate viewers so that they can experience music again as speaking directly from the heart to the heart

The episodes focus on the inner world of classical musicians and the essence of music itself. Performers at various stages of their careers generously share what Living the Classical Life is about—its passions, fears, obstacles, and its rewards. There are more than 100 episodes of in-depth interviews of world class musician such as Anne-Sophie Mutter, Yuja Wang, Pavvo Järvi, Lief Ove Andnes, Joshua Bell, and many more. You can find them on the website and YouTube Channel:

Text edited by: Ellie Pai/Licha Stelaus Productions

We believe Music is not a privilege but everyone's basic right. Check out our foundation website and see what we are doing to benefit youth.

Disclaimer: We are fans of great sound and music. We are neither the agent nor presenter of the musicians featured on this post. We do not own the photos and videos in this blog - Licha Stelaus Productions


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