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Inspiring Creativity - The Royal Opera House

Art inspires! 1500 children from over 30 schools all over the United Kingdom were welcomed by The Royal Opera House to watch L'elisir d'amore (The Elixir of Love), and the kids' overwhelmingly enthusiastic response shook the venue. It's amazing to see those kids make such unforgettable memories, and incredibly meaningful that the Royal Opera House is sparking kids' imaginations and giving them these wonderful opportunities.

The performance was part of The Royal Opera House's "Schools Matinee" program, which offers affordable tickets for spectacular opera and ballet productions. They include travel grants and dedicated access support to ensure that students from schools throughout the UK can visit, not just the ones in London.

Learn more about the Royal Opera House's efforts to inspire children:

L'elisir d'amore, originally composed by Gaetano Donizetti, tells the story of Nemorino, a pauper in love with the wealthy and beautiful Adina. When Sergeant Belcore arrives in town and courts Adina, a desperate Nemorino enlists the aid of the dubious Dr. Dulcamara to win Adina's heart with l'elisir d'amore, the elixir of love. The comic opera premiered in Milan in 1832, and grew in popularity, eventually becoming one of the most well-known operas today.

Text by: Ambrose Cheung/Licha Stelaus Productions

We believe Music is not a privilege, but everyone's basic right. Check out our foundation website and see what we are doing to benefit youth.

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