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I Was Here

United Nations World Humanitarian Day focuses on a theme each year, bringing together partners from across the humanitarian system to advocate for the survival, well-being, and dignity of people affected by crises, and for the safety and security of aid workers.

The 2012 video for “I Was Here” was recorded live at the United Nations General Assembly Hall. Beyoncé amazed the crowd with her vocal prowess and sent out a powerful message that we can spread positivity no matter how big or how small.

Images from previous disasters were screened in panoramic view behind Beyoncé, where the painful feelings can be extended to people dying from the current pandemic.

As WHO estimated on 20 October, up to 115,000 health care worker could have died from COVID-19, we would like to specially dedicate our thoughts and prayers as well as great gratitude through this song to friends and family of those who worked selflessly during the pandemic. We believe the transcendental healing power of music, and hope to bring comfort and peace for people who lost love ones in the past 20 months. Please join us to raise more empathy and compassion not only toward people with special needs but also towards frontline workers and caretakers around the world.


Text by: Ellie Pai and Deyun Lin/Licha Stelaus Productions

We believe Music is not a privilege but everyone's basic right. Check out our foundation website and see what we are doing to benefit youth.

Disclaimer: We are fans of great sound and music. We are not agent nor presenter of musicians featured on this post. We do not own the photos and videos in this blog - Licha Stelaus Productions

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