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How to Bow

So you are on the stage and you’ve done well in your performance. Bravo! Now what? Need a catalogue of how to bow? Blair Academy for the Arts has posted a hilarious video of different bows you may see at a concert.

Bowing is the clear response to applause at the end of the performance. Although the repertoire (songs) is the highlight, the action of the applause and the bow provide a strong connection between the performer and the audience. It is a form of giving and receiving interaction that enhances the overall concert experience.

Thus, the etiquette of bowing is just as important as the music and the attire. The musicians deserve the round of applause from the audience, they show their appreciation by reciprocating with the bow gesture.

What is your favorite bow? No matter how you do it, just be comfortable as it is about your own personality.

It’s your stage. Take a bow!

Blair Academy for the Arts Website:

Text by: Lin Deyun/Licha Stelaus Productions

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