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Ghazal is a genre of poetry and music that originated in Arabia and later became popular in Persian, Urdu, and Indian cultures. It is characterized by its lyrical and emotive qualities, often expressing themes of love, longing, spirituality, and nostalgia.

Ghazals are typically accompanied by instruments such as the tabla, harmonium, sitar, and sarangi. These instruments enhance the melodic and emotional impact of the poetry. Ghazals are often performed by skilled vocalists or ghazal singers who deliver the verses with expressive nuances.

The combination of poetic depth and melodic beauty has made ghazals a beloved form of artistic expression, captivating audiences for centuries. Arranged by violinist Deepak Pandit, singer Kavya Limaye performed “Asia Lagta Hai” with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra in this video.

Text by: Deyun Lin/Licha Stelaus Productions

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