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Drum Prodigy Justin Wilson II

At the age of 4, Justin Wilson II, or Little Justin, sometimes known as the Baby Boy Drummer, first drew public attention when he performed on the Ellen Show with his impeccable grove of rhythm and drumming technique beyond his age.

Born in 2014 in California, Little Justin’s parents noticed his musical talent at the very beginning. They provided Little Justin various musical toys to play with and tried to expose him to the rich and colorful world of music. Read their journey here.

Little Justin not only advanced his skills of playing drums throughout the years, he is also a brilliant composer as he often jams with his father (who is also an accomplished musician) They publish music videos regularly on YouTube Channel. It is fascinating to follow Little Justin’s journey and we definitely look forward to hearing more!

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Text by: Ellie Pai/Licha Stelaus Productions

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