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Cotton Pickin' Kids

Listen to the Cipollari family play and sing together in harmony! The Cotton Pickin' Kids are a Bluegrass family band from Alabama consisting of six siblings, with five younger siblings following in their older brother and sister's footsteps as aspiring musicians. Their father is part of the band as well and plays the upright bass alongside his children.

Savio, the eldest brother, plays the mandolin for the band, but also plays guitar, upright bass, and banjo. Thérèse, the eldest sister, plays the fiddle and also sings the vocals. Cecilia plays the guitar and also sings harmony alongside Rosalinda, who plays the fiddle. Gianluca started the harmonica when he was 8, and now plays the banjo. Giovanni, the youngest sibling, plays the dobro, a brand of resonator guitar.

Listen to more from the Cotton Pickin' Kids:

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Text by: Ambrose Cheung/Licha Stelaus Productions

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