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Anirban Roy

We’ve been interested in finding traditional musical instruments and today we would like to tell you about a young boy who is a Master in the traditional Indian flute. Anirban Roy is a talented young flute musician and started learning flute from his father at 4 years old. He is now 11 years old and was selected as a top 10 contestants at one of Indian talent show “Hunarbaaz: Desh ki Shaan” recently.In this beautiful flute recital video, Anirban was accompanied by the tabla musician, Shri Unmesh Banerjee. It is an intriguing and amazing performance.

The flute Anirban Roy plays is an Indian traditional instrument called bansuri. The flute-like bansuri is depicted in ancient Buddhist, Hindu and Jain temple paintings and reliefs. A bansuri is traditionally made from a single hollow shaft of bamboo with six or seven finger holes. The six hole instrument covers two and a half octaves of music.

Traditionally Indian classical music are performed quasi-improvised: musicians perform and interpret the unscripted music based on one of the many melodic contours(Raga). For now we are not sure if Roy memorised his music or not, if he did it the traditional way, the improvisation, we are super impressive of his prodigious musical comprehension! Soothing and yet vibrant, hope you’ll enjoy Anirban’s music and follow him on his journey.

Text by: Deyun Lin, Ellie Pai/Licha Stelaus Productions

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Disclaimer: We are fans of great sound and music. We are not agent nor presenter of musicians featured on this post. We do not own the photos and videos in this blog - Licha Stelaus Productions

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