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African Pianism - Rebeca Omordia

A Doctor of Music from the National Music University in Bucharest, Nigerian-Romanian pianist Rebeca Omordia is "an exciting virtuoso with a wide-ranging career as soloist, chamber musician and recording artist". She is also the artistic director and founder of the world’s first ever African Concert Series in London, and her album, African Pianism, showcases a variety of classical music from Africa and the characteristics between pieces from each region.

"An example is the comparison between the music from North and West Africa which are totally different cultures. In West Africa, the classical musical tradition is based on using the piano as a tuned percussive instrument. This is because it is linked to traditional non-classical Nigerian music, which incorporates many percussive instruments, while North African is traditionally slower with more lyrical melodies."

Taking inspiration from her Romanian and Nigerian music roots, Rebeca has woven a unique identity for herself.

Listen to Rebeca Omordia playing more African Pianism pieces:

Learn more about her:

Text by: Ambrose Cheung/Licha Stelaus Productions

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