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Gaining new heights, once again

The Nidarosdomens Guttekor and Maestro Moe has proven again a truly exceptional choir continues to challenge themselves and test new high grounds. This time at their annual Nidaros Cathedral Christmas concerts, of which I and 1,200 others had the privilege of witnessing the last two performances on 16 and 17 December, the design of the programmes utilising the Cathedral's amazing acoustics were such tests and challenges that paid off beautifully.

The conventional concerts in churches most time have the choir lined up in front of the Altar or Choir and perform the entire concert. Maestro Moe started the performance with 4 sopranos close to the Transepts with a short a capella prelude of Kjem du med håpet, julenatt. Their angelic voices immediately captured the attention of the audiences and opened everyone's senses. The performance then took place in three places of the Cathedral: the Organ, the Transepts, and at High Choir, all of which the choir, the orchestra, organist, and Maestro Arve Tellefsen, moved to mesmerise the audiences with sounds reaching from all corners of the building.

Here is Charpentier - Prelude from Te Deum, live recording from one of this year's concerts. Other videos from the concerts and the Choir's collection available to view from Choir's channel. Remember to subscribe!

The Choir's concert is certainly one that is a perfect for the Festive Season and many locals don't feel the celebration unless it started with the Choir's performance. Why not make it your new celebration by coming next December? It's a short one hour connection from Oslo and abundance of nice hotels in the city with lots of sight seeings and great restaurants, of course shopping. The Christmas Bazaar at the city centre King Olav Square is fun and lots of gift ideas.

Catch them here in the beautiful city of Trondheim next year or follow us on our website for future tours coming near your town!

Thank you everyone at Nidarosdomens Guttekor for a wonderful time and celebration of music together. Our concerts in Singapore this past October was a milestone for both our organisations and looking forward to making more music going forward.

*All photos and videos by author unless indicated with sources/credits. Copyrights reserved.

*Disclaimer: This blog was prepared or accomplished by Richard Y. Chen in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of Licha Stelaus Productions.


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