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(Oslo, Norway)

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Videos and Photos

*All videos and photos owned by Licha Stelaus or respective artist and used with permission from the artist

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Joakim Røbershagen is a young, but already mature virtuoso performing in various festivals with some of the biggest names in Europe. He is currently studying with Stephan Barratt-Due and regularly plays with Berlin Philharmonic musicians in chamber music concerts.  His technique is remarkable and most of all is his ability to touch the hearts of audiences with his music.


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  • Discovered as a talent at the age of 7 in Trondheim City Music School.

  • Studied at the NTNU Institutt for Musikk (2015-2018) as the youngest ever in Norway

  • Currently studying violin with Maestro Stephan Barratt-Due at Barratt-Due Music Conservatory, Oslo

  • Studied with NTNU professor Bård Monsen

  • Studies with Berliner Philhamoniker Luiz Filipe Coelho

  • Studies ensemble with Trondheimsolistene Øyvind Gimse

  • Public performances in festivals and concerts in Germany, Sweeden, Denmark, USA, Canada, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Iceland

  • Arve Tellefsen Musician prize winner- 2016

  • Prins von Hessen Preiss in Kronberg 2015

  • Winner of Young Musicians in Norway (UMM-Under 23) in 2012

  • Sparre Olsen Competition winner- 2011

  • Stavanger Chamber Music Festival 2017

  • Best Performance Prize at the Virtuoso Belcanto Festival in Lucca, Italy 2018

  • Røros Winter Festival 2010-2018

  • Konstknekt Chamber of Music Academy with Berlin Philhamoniker musicians 2016-2018

  • Trondheim Chamber Music Festival 2011-2018

  • Oslo Chamber Music Festival concerts 2012-2018

  • Stavern Chamber Music Festival 2013

  • Echo of a Millennium Singapore 2019

  • Currently playing on a Niccolo Gagliano 1780 sponsored by Storebrand Insurance Company

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*Disclaimer: We are Joakim's supporter and presenter of some of their past and future performances.  We are neither their agent nor manager.  If you would like to engage Sarah in your events we are happy to make the connection.  Please email us through CONTACT form.  Thank you. - Licha Stelaus Productions.
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