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Videos and Photos

*All videos and photos owned by Licha Stelaus or respective artist and used with permission from the artist. Photos taken and copyright by Andrej Grilc

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Praised for her "beautiful playing and stunning sound", Jo Anne Sukumaran is one of the rare solo bassoonists from Singapore. She lives to delight audiences with her imaginative playing and programming, bringing the bassoon to a wider audience.

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Jo Anne Sukumaran is an independent bassoonist and teacher based in Singapore. Happily going outside the traditional concert hall, she brings an unconventional and refreshing approach to classical music making. Curious and adventurous, her playful approach to the bassoon belies a sharp technical ability that has built her reputation for bringing to life a diverse range of styles.  Her debut music album “The Night Garden” recently released in 2019 paid homage to her classical training and Asian roots. With an ear for unusual sounds and collaborators, she often dreams up eclectic and original programmes filled with colours, textures, flavours and senses to serve up a fusion of classical, contemporary and cross-cultural works, delighting audiences. She hosts and produces a successful series of artist interviews, on a podcast called Legends of Reed, since 2018,  to demystify and bring double reed instruments to a wider audience.

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She has recently performed as a soloist and chamber musician at major Singapore concert venues like the Esplanade Recital Studio and at the Victoria Concert Hall. With an ear for unusual partners for her bassoon, recent collaborations have included eclectic duos and mixed ensembles with the harp, percussion, piano, and the classical and electric guitars. Her personal philosophy towards programming she feels are akin to a chef dreaming up a combination of colours, flavours and senses: "Programming a concert is like creating a menu for a memorable meal. I love exploring a theme from different angles and pairing composers and instruments to end up with the ideal experience in terms of colours, textures and moods."  She  commissioned Canadian composer Gabo Champagne to write a special multi-disciplinary piece Ten Days at a Traffic Light and was premiered on 20 Oct 2019 at her album launch concert. Curious about her Indian heritage, Jo Anne has explored Indian classical music, studying Indian rhythm (Konnakol) and incorporates improvisation into her performances and recordings. 

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*Disclaimer: We are Jo Anne's supporter and presenter of some of their past and future performances.  We are neither their agent nor manager.  If you would like to engage Jo Anne in your events we are happy to make the connection.  Please email us through CONTACT form.  Thank you. - Licha Stelaus Productions.
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